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66 million dollars in 8 years for Sorokin! Now in the top of the most expensive goalkeepers in the NHL only Russians

Ilya signed a new contract with the Islanders – from the 2024/25 season, he will earn 8.25 million a year.

In sports, there is no one right way for a junior to become a star. However, the career of Ilya Sorokin leaves an almost inevitable feeling of this very correctness eluding analysis. He got into the KHL at the age of 17, spent three seasons in his native Kuzna, went on promotion to a top club, won the competition in CSKA, took the Gagarin Cup, fully prepared (it could even have been a year or two earlier) went to the NHL, a little sat back up for Semyon Varlamov, became the main in the Islanders, and now at 27 years old – a nominee for Vezina and the owner of a contract for 66 million dollars.

Ilya Sorokin.Orlov – in Carolina, Sorokin received 66 million from the Islanders! Live opening of the NHL free agent market

Ilya is the rarest case in the modern NHL (where there are very few really cool goalkeepers, and half of them are Russians) when the goalkeeper is the main star of the team. With all due respect to Matthew Barzal, the Islanders game, even in the regular season, and especially in the playoffs, is built not from creativity in front, but from the wall behind, and Sorokin is its main basis.

Probably, after a year on the market, given the significant increase in the salary cap and the shortage of strong goalkeepers, the Russian could receive $10+ million. Sergei Bobrovsky slightly restored the belief that top keepers can be given a lot of money, and someone would probably take a risk.

But Sorokin is comfortable in the Islanders, leaving New York for another city in the United States or Canada is not an idea. Ilya has more contracts now, not counting Carey Price, who obviously ended his career, only Bobrovsky and Andrey Vasilevsky have. In the future, only Igor Shesterkin and – with a big stretch – Connor Hellibuck should receive the amount like Sorokin’s.

Ilya Sorokin.Sorokin was left without a prize. But Russian goalkeepers are still the best in the world.

By the end of the contract, Ilya will be 36 years old – the normal age for the end of the peak of a goalkeeping career. So far, he has had a minimum of recessions even compared to our other top goalkeepers – and there is no reason to fear that something could change.

Together with Sorokin, Varlamov also remained in the Islanders, who was given a contract for 4 years and 11 million. Semyon is ready for the role of the second goalkeeper, in which he has no chance to be the first, except in case of injuries to the starter, but he is provided with work until almost 40 years old – you should not forget about the factor of a large metropolis, which is important for many.

The only slightly unpleasant moment is the unobvious team prospects and a small chance to win the Cup for both of our goalkeepers. The Islanders of Barry Trotz were close to the target a few years ago, but Tampa turned out to be too strong.

But under the former coach, and now the general manager of Nashville, the Islanders were stronger. Trotz is one of the best managers in the league for his ability to get the most out of an unstarred squad. The last Stanley Cup draw showed how difficult it is for the current team to fight there even with almost perfect Sorokin in the line-up – the power of the Carolinas was incomparably higher.

It is possible that in the next nine seasons that Sorokin should spend in a club from New York, the Islanders will still be able to find strengthening so as not to remain in the middle. They closed the goalkeeper position for a decade, and Ilya himself can focus on hockey – he has already signed the main contract of his life.


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