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Beach umbrella: choosing an accessory for relaxation

On a hot summer day, don’t spend too much time in the sun. You can protect yourself from bright rays on the beach with an umbrella. However, its rent is not cheap. If you often go to the sea , then it is better to buy a beach umbrella. Which of them will be the best choice, will last more than one year and will not bend under a gust of wind? We tell in our material.

How to choose a beach umbrella: we understand the nuances

Now in stores and marketplaces there is a large selection of folding beach umbrellas. In order not to get confused in the diversity, you first need to understand how they can differ from each other.

The more stiffening ribs at the arch of the umbrella, the more reliable the design. A rectangular dome, as a rule, is equipped with four spokes, while a round dome has five or more. Budget umbrellas have eight stiffeners, while expensive ones have more than 24.

The most budget option is plastic, but it is short-lived, especially when exposed to sunlight. In second place is aluminum: it is light, much stronger, but may not withstand gusts of strong winds. The best inexpensive option is stainless steel, but this design will weigh more.

· Air valve

The larger the beach umbrella, the greater the need to reduce the wind load. If the dome is less than 2 sq. m, then there is no special need for a valve, but on a hot day, additional air circulation will not be superfluous.

Tilt mechanism

This option allows you to rotate and tilt the roof of the umbrella without changing the position of the entire frame. In this way, a spot of shadow can be created in any necessary place and the dome can be placed against the wind so that it does not turn out.

The stand of a beach umbrella, as a rule, consists of two parts, the higher they are, the better. This will allow the structure to be buried deeper in soft soil such as sand so that it is more stable.

For better protection from the sun, it is better to choose umbrellas with a nylon dome: this material provides better air circulation and protection from UV rays. A cheaper alternative would be polyester, but it is inferior in all respects. From sudden bad weather, Oxford material with a density of 300 DEN and above is best protected. The fabric of ordinary beach umbrellas is 240 DEN.

Dome color

The darker the material, the better it blocks UV. So if you want to use an umbrella to diffuse the light, but still get a tan under it, choose light options. And if you need good protection from sunlight, then you should consider models of dark saturated shades. There are even umbrellas with a special UV filter, but finding them on the market is not so easy.

We study reviews: which beach umbrella is better to buy

When choosing a beach umbrella, you must first study the reviews of real customers, and not advertising leaflets. What you should pay attention to:

· Before you choose a beach umbrella from the sun, you need to understand where you will go with them. If there is solid ground in this place, then you need to choose models with a stand that is filled with sand or water. You can buy it later, but it is better if it is included. Then the diameter of the hole in it will exactly fit the diameter of the rack.

· The material of the retainer of the tilted beach umbrella is very important. And plastic is a bad idea. If the rack is made of stainless metal, the retainer should be the same. The plastic clip can break in a strong gust of wind, and it is quite difficult to repair a beach umbrella or buy suitable spare parts.

· Well, when the set includes a convenient carrying case, mats in color, stand.

· A beach umbrella should protect not only from the sun, but also from the rain. The weather is changeable, and a sudden downpour can not only wet people, but also spoil the picnic food. A well-stretched fabric will not let water through, but if there is sagging or damage somewhere, the liquid will seep through. Therefore, at the time of purchase, you need to open the dome and evaluate its reliability.

Pay attention to the area of ​​the vault. Small umbrella 1.8 sq. m is designed for a maximum of two people, for a family of three, 2–2.5 sq. m, companies with more than four vacationers will need 3–3.5 sq. m.


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