The star of the series “Unprincipled” and “Bloody Lady” Kristina Babushkina, together with her husband Andrei Gatsunaev, was detained in the center of Moscow by the traffic police, this was confirmed in the theater. Yermolova. According to the Telegram channel “112”, a white powder was found in the process of checking documents and inspecting the car. The spouses were sent for a medical examination, and the find – for examination. Who is Christina Babushkina , which of the stars were detained with illegal substances and what punishment the artist can suffer – in the material.

Who is Christina Babushkina

Actress Kristina Babushkina is from Irkutsk. Her mother led the chamber choir at the local Philharmonic and taught at the College of Music. My father played the oboe in the regional governor’s orchestra.

Christina graduated from music school. Then she entered the Irkutsk Theater School. And later she went to study in Moscow, Oleg Tabakov (1935-2018) took her to the course of the Moscow Art Theater School. The actress called the meeting with him the main success in her life.

“I got on a course with Oleg Tabakov . This is the biggest luck in my life. Oleg Pavlovich helps his students. And not only in the profession, but also in everyday affairs. Thanks to him, we have a beautiful private apartment in Moscow, ” quotes the artist.


After graduating from the Studio School in 2002, Babushkina joined the troupe of the Moscow Art Theater (Moscow Art Theater named after Chekhov). At the Moscow Art Theater, Babushkina was called Tabakov’s favorite student. She played in the performances “Petty Bourgeois” (directed by Kirill Serebrennikov ), “Oblomov”, “Vassa Zheleznova”, “Cliff”, “Threepenny Opera” and many others. Babushkina is called a textured artist – her height is more than 180 cm. In an interview, she noted that she was not at all complex about this.

“Of course, actresses like me are meter eighty-two, not many. They won’t let me play Ophelia and Juliet, but there are no less wonderful and multifaceted roles. I carry myself at my height! I consider myself an older actress. Over the years, I gain experience, juice, ”Kristina emphasized.

She is known for her roles in the films Zemsky Doctor, Duhless-2, Call Husband. “Doctor Tyrsa”, “Back to the USSR”, “The Best Film”, “Optimists”, “Bloody Lady”.

What is known about Babushkina’s personal life

Babushkina’s first husband was the actor of the TV series “Voronins” Stanislav Duzhnikov . They raised their daughter together, but divorced. Christina remarried two years ago. Andrei Gatsunaev is a lawyer by training, now he heads one of the structures of a large energy company.

The media wrote that the wedding guests of Babushkina and Gatsunaev were Fyodor Bondarchuk with Paulina Andreeva, Ksenia Sobchak , Leonid Agutin, Konstantin Khabensky and other celebrities.


Which of the stars was detained with prohibited substances, how they were punished

The star of the film “DMB” Peter Korshunkov in 2010 received a two-year suspended sentence for selling drugs. After the incident, the artist almost stopped being invited to shoot.

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Actor of the TV series “Brigade” Dmitry Gumenetsky was detained on suspicion of making psychotropic smoking mixtures in his garage in 2015. The court sentenced him to eight years in a strict regime colony. The artist was released on parole due to health problems. He died shortly after his release .

Rapper Guf has repeatedly become a defendant in scandals with illegal substances. The case did not reach the prison, but after another incident, the court ordered him to undergo treatment for drug addiction.

Lyova from the Bi-2 group (included by the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation in the list of foreign agents) was detained in 2017 during a football match for violating public order. During a search, a prohibited substance was found in him, and later he was fined.

Four years ago, the actress of the series “Happy Together” on TNT, Natalya Bochkareva, was detained on suspicion of possession of cocaine . The traffic police officers found a bag of white powder in her. The actress pleaded guilty. During the trial, she stressed that she voluntarily gave the banned substance to the police. Taking into account remorse, two young children and the absence of narcotic substances in the blood of the defendant herself, she was fined 30 thousand rubles.


In February 2020, the police detained the Russian actor Alexander Gorodnik. The Lexus IS 250 car, driven by the artist, was stopped in one of the elite villages on Rublyovka. In the front seat of the car, the police found dozens of plastic bags with drugs packaged, according to investigators, for sale.

In June of the same year, actor and choreographer Maxim Parfenov fell out of the window of an apartment in eastern Moscow. He crashed . When inspecting the apartment, law enforcement officers found prohibited substances.

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In a fatal accident involving Honored Artist of Russia Mikhail Efremov in 2020, there is also a drug trace. An examination made after the accident confirmed traces of a narcotic substance in the actor’s blood.

What the law says

Lawyer Sergei Zhorin in an interview with suggested that Babushkina and her husband could face Article 228 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation: “illegal acquisition, storage, transportation of narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances or their analogues” (without the purpose of sale). This article is called “folk”, the most common. The punishment depends on the amount of the drug.

“With a significant amount of the transported substance, the accused can receive up to three years in prison. With a large amount – from three to ten years, in an especially large amount – up to 15 years in prison, ”the lawyer explained.

When detaining persons with prohibited substances, an examination is carried out. If it shows the presence of a drug in the blood of the driver, then he loses his right to drive a car – the term is determined by the court. If the examination shows a drug in the blood of a passenger, he bears administrative responsibility for the use. Violators are registered in the drug dispensary.

A criminal case on sale is also initiated. The lawyer explains that the logic of the police is as follows: the substances found were purchased somewhere, therefore, there is a crime. Further, the investigation must establish the place of purchase and the seller.


Lawyer Sergei Zhorin cited the sensational case of the Honored Artist of Russia Mikhail Efremov as an example . After the accident on the Garden Ring with the participation of Efremov, in addition to the criminal case on the death of a person (the courier Sergey Zakharov died in the accident), a criminal case was opened on the fact of the sale of drugs, since traces of drugs were found in Efremov’s blood .

If the persons found in possession of drugs indicate the person who sold them the substance, this will greatly facilitate the work of the investigation, the lawyer explained. Subsequently, this will help mitigate the terms of the sentence under Article 228.