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transfer of Maradishvili, but the information about the Georgian passport is embarrassing

Ural President Grigory Ivanov summed up the season.

— How would you rate Ural for the past season?

– On a five-point scale – four with a minus. The season has been uneven. The start of the championship failed. But with the arrival of Viktor Goncharenko, they corrected the situation in the first part of the season. They gave the RPL a series of nine unbeaten matches, which was interrupted only in the spring. Then came the defeat. But nothing. As a result, we avoided butt games, although we spent a lot of nerves. And in general, we scored more points than in the last championship. Of course, the performance in the Cup of Russia can be added to our asset.

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– Why did the results “sink” so much in the spring – five defeats in a row?

– If you recall all the matches in the spring, then in the case we lost only twice – to Akhmat and Krylia. This is my personal opinion. In the rest of the meetings, we fought our opponents, looked decent. Fought. We shouldn’t have lost to Dynamo at home, but a ridiculous mistake by the defender followed, they brought a goal for themselves … Just our unbeaten streak was interrupted, something broke. Then came the failures. But nothing – survived. Orenburg, Khimki, Sochi won at the finish line, and quite confidently ended up in the elite division.

“I want Goncharenko to work with us for a long time! But suddenly he will be called to Real Madrid or Zenit? Interview with the president of “Ural”

– The brightest match of “Ural”?

I won’t name one particular one. I liked how we played Spartak (2:1) for the Cup at home, demonstrated high-quality football. I think we succeeded in both meetings with Lokomotiv. In Moscow they won – 4:2, they played in a draw – 2:2, and they conceded in the end …

Let’s move on to the composition. Ilya Pomazun had a strong season at Ural and received flattering marks from the goalkeeping coach of the Russian national team Vitaly Kafanov. Are you negotiating with CSKA on his loan for next season?

– Let’s see what the situation is in CSKA. God grant that Igor Akinfeev, by far the best goalkeeper in Russia, continues his career. As far as I know, he is not going to complete it yet. I wish him good health. As for Ilya, of course, we want to see him in our team. Pomazun himself is also comfortable with us. We’ll live  and see. So far, there is no specifics on this issue.

Lazar Rangelovich and Roman Yuzepchuk.

Photo Alexander Fedorov, “SE”

– Why did Lazar Randjelovic spend the second part of the season much weaker than the first?

– If I knew… It would be more correct to ask such a question to the coaching staff, and not to me. Lazar unequivocally sparkled before the winter break, brought us good. Good guy. Maybe in the spring he was pressured by uncertainty with his future, with his contract. Perhaps somewhere he lowered his requirements. Don’t know…

– The lease is valid until June 30th. Will you buy him from Olympiacos?

– No.

– Not ready to pay 1.5 million euros for a Serb?

– Yes, you could talk to the Greek club. But we did not even start negotiations, as Olympiacos firmly indicated its intention to return the player, sent us a paper. Apparently, the Greeks want to resell it. But, I repeat, the guy came to us and in the fall he definitely helped Ural get out of the pit!

Ural President Grigory Ivanov considers the Russian Cup formula a bit unfair

–  Yuri Gazinsky missed almost the entire spring part of the championship due to a shoulder injury. When will he return to action?

– Yura, of course, was not enough for us. In the fall, he scored in three RPL matches in a row. Scored a double in the cup game against Sochi. But what to do… Significant loss. We hope that Gazinsky will return to duty at the end of July or in August. He, apparently, will miss the first rounds of the new championship.

–  Oleg Shatov  – your pain. Due to health problems, he took part in only four RPL meetings. His contract ends, does the midfielder leave Ural?

– Well, where will Oleg go from us? As they say, they don’t leave a submarine. (Smiling.) Let’s talk. He will come to us, try his hand at the training camp. If he succeeds, then Oleg, of course, will stay, continue to play for us. Our doors are always open for him.

– And if it doesn’t work out?

“Well, then why torture yourself and us? Let’s sit down and talk. I still see him in Ural, maybe in a different capacity. Let’s give him options. Oleg is our everything.

Oleg Shatov.

Photo Alexander Fedorov, “SE”

– That is, he will start training camp with Ural in June?

No, not yet ready. I think he will come to us in mid-July. Now Oleg is still recovering. They cleaned his ankle again, prescribed rest for several months. Just in July, I think he will start training with us.

Bicfalvi has a contract until next summer. Will he be strong enough for another season?

Don’t worry about Eric. Health allows him to spend more than one season. There are no problems with “physics”. Everything is fine.

– Lately Lokomotiv midfielder Konstantin Maradishvili has been asked to marry you.

— Yes, we would like to see this player in Ural. Quality footballer. Viktor Mikhailovich (Goncharenko. –  Approx. “SE” ) knows him from working together at CSKA. But it still needs to be calculated. We understand that Konstantin will receive a Georgian passport and, apparently, will be considered a legionary in our country. We are still aimed at players with a Russian passport. Wait and see.


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